How to write a good cv for fresh graduate in nigeria

Do they want work experience in something? And there are several rules that you should remember when writing a CV: A term that is often used in relation to the graduate employment market is 'transferable skills' and this section is where you need to throw light on those skills which might include leadership, project management, communication and presentation skills.

This resume is suitable for entry level or graduate jobs. How to Get Them Now! The Cv is your opportunity to present yourself at your best. Compensate for your lack of work experience by showing a detailed understanding of your target industry and of a prospective employers products or services.

The job description will help you decide what to prioritise. Have they asked for a qualification? But how to do it? Keep It Short and Simple!

We have a lot of Resume Responsibilities or Sample Authorization Letter and any other things concerning in this website. Just think - do you want to answer all the question about why you left the job only after one or two weeks? The owner of this resume is now working for a multinational organization.

Hiring managers will decide within a minute of picking up your CV whether to reject it. Read the job description: As long as you have developed relevant skills, then it is worth a space on your CV.

Additional Tips Use bold and legible fonts Use simple and unambiguous words. The fact that the first impression the HR has of you is your CV should give serve as a food for thought that going an extra mile on your CV is really needed. Use simple and unambiguous words.

If your CV will be only in an electronic version then use a standard font like Arial. What Gt coin is and What to Do with Gt coins 1. Then what guarantees you an invite to partake in putting to display your confidence, composure and the ability to answer and ask intelligent questions most fresh graduate trainee jobs are online applications.

You could list it out and you could state it out in two sentences or three short sentences. What is this one talking about? Use positive language and industry related words.

CV Curriculum Vitae – The Different Formats

Then include your knowledge in the covering letter - talk about your weaknesses, strengths and mention what can you do to improve the company. Please note that no particular format or template is cast in stone, every template can be amended to suit a particular requirement at any given time.

Have a focus and find a way to infuse your interest and specialization into your CV 4. As a fresh graduate without work experience, you have a challenge writing a resume, when you have nothing but education to work with.

Ask Naij Despite popular opinion, not all employers are looking for a lot of professional experience in their candidates. Mention the products of competitors,highlight any weaknesses or strengths that you can see in them.

Voluntary Saturday, Cultural Exchange, Charity. How to write CV in Nigeria: Work experience If you do have work experience, then write it as a list, in a reverse chronological order. Your achievements are supposed to score you extra points with a potential employer. An excellent team player.

Your experience s should follow a chronological sequence most recent to least recent. First things first, Cvs are read by real recruiters and not computers and Robots as has been the mythWriting a good Cv is very important as your Cv is the very first impression your potential employer would have of you and as you know a good first impression is very important and cannot be undermined, if your Cv is quite convincing it might just score you an interview with your favourite organisation and so you have to get it right!Worked with the marketing team to spread our products from Lagos to all the 6 states of the Western Nigeria within a year.

Some Tips How to write a good CV. Use active verbs wherever possible. Also, add your NYSC work experience to boost your CV, however, as a fresh graduate, ensure your CV does not exceed two pages.

Thanks. varad 9th. Fresh Graduate Resume Sample. Fresh Graduate. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future Good in Bed. Download.

Complete Guide: How To Write CV in Nigeria

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Sample CV for Hot Jobs in Nigeria. Uploaded by.5/5(1). Learn How To Write A Good CV in Nigeria CV & Resume Comments To make your job-hunt, internships or Industrial Attachment search a success; we advise that you learn to write a good CV in Nigeria – the way it truly appeal to local employers.

Sample Resume Format for Fresh Graduates (Two-Page Format) For more resume writing advice and tips, visit’s Resume Writing Guide. *** Now that you have learned what it takes to produce a strong (printed) resume, check out what an online-based resume can do for you.

Sign up today and create a profile with. Sep 01,  · Ensure You Subscribe to this channel for updated Training Information How to Write CV and Resume that Works in Nigeria We published in one of our posts How To Write a Simple and Professional Curriculum Vitae.

Most people asked us to send them a sample copy of a professional C.V. Due to the number of mails we received, we could not send the C.V’s. Guiness Nigeria Graduate Job Recruitment Updated: The Author. Nigerian Infopedia Nigeria's.

How to write a good cv for fresh graduate in nigeria
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